The Everything Pros is a company that was started in order to help people in the lower mainland of Vancouver. We help with the renovations that you don't have the time or knowledge to execute, or just can't find the right company to get the job done. Everything Pros was started by Cameron Holden, a builder and craftsman of 9 years. He started his business to help be a people create a home out of an empty space. 


The Everything Pros is built on three major values. Accountability, Communication, and Development. The perfect job can't start without accountability from the company and client. Making sure all jobs are started on time, budgets are met, and finish dates are upheld. Communication, having constant knowledge of where the job is at and how things are progressing. One of the biggest complaints Cameron heard from clients dealing with other companies was that they never knew what was happening during their renovation or project. If a problem arises Everything Pros finds cost effective solutions right away, so that there are no surprises. Lastly is development. We always want to learn how to fix and build projects better, how to create a better experience for our clients, and how we can stay a positive and fun company.

All of these values create and push Everything Pros into the future as one of the best companies to work with on your next renovation. Either way we are here to help!